Getting Started with Content Creation – Part 1: Understanding the Basics

Content is key to any great site and is fundamental in engaging with your audiences across a range of platforms to keep them coming back. However, creating the perfect piece of content each and everytime is not a straightforward task. In an effort to provide the basics for any inspiring content creators, I have comprised a list of what I believe to be the best tips for any content creators of text, graphics, video and beyond….

Make it simple. Make it memorable.
Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

Leo Burnett

General Top Tips

  1. Maintain a Regular Content Stream
    • The foundation of consistent engagement is content and to ensure that it is being supplied regularly to your audience
    • There is a growing expectation that we are to provide at least a single piece of content everyday
  2. Use Visuals
    • Initially grabbing attention can be difficult when using text only content, and audiences are seeking for quick, easy content to digest
    • Using images allows for you to pique curiosity and grab attention, while this is also excellent to supplement the text a user will read after engaging with the photo
  3. #hashtags and @tagging
    • Being able to connect with one another and link content is a strong reason why content becomes popular, goes viral and develops future engagement
    • Use these in-built features to link relevant individuals to content or to attach your posts to a topic or trend and build richer engagement with your audience
  4. Follower and Engage with Influencers
    • What is one of the best ways to understand what type of content is able to gain engagement? By viewing the work of others
    • Follow, interact and watch the type of content that is being developed by others and use this as a way of developing ideas, finding out what does and does not work
  5. Review Analytics
    • At your fingertips is an excellent tool across many platforms to gain a greater understanding of how content is viewed and how users engage
    • Use this information to review past content pieces and look for what form of content and platforms are the most engaging and rewarding for you
  6. Repurpose Content
    • It is easy to create a post on a social platform, such as Instagram, and automatically share your content through to other platforms instantly
    • This however provides your audiences with a lack of original content across platforms and conveys the message you don’t put effort into your content generation and publishing efforts across all platforms
  7. Paid Content
    • Cutting through the noise of other content creators all fighting for your audiences attention can be a difficult task at times, especially when content is not appearing in their feed
    • Through the use of paid posts, you are able to force content to be displayed on your target audiences feeds, ensuring that your post is developing reach and increasing the chances of further engagement as a result

Before creating content on your Social Media platform, ensure that you understand your audience, what your goals are for your content and what other mediums are available for you to use instead or in conjunction of this content.

content-marketing-matrix(Source: Smart Insights)

In part two of this series we will look further into the concept of understanding a range of guidelines for the top social media sites, as we develop our ability to create engaging content for our audiences.

Edit: View the Second Part Here, Best Practices for the Top Social Sites.


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